The Schoolboard is a brand new didactic solution.
Several Danish municipalities are already using it. At the beginning of the school 2015 more than 100 schools and 50.000 users were using skolebordet as their primary IT-tool for work sharing and collaboration.

What do the students say?

Broager skole

7a from Broager School in Sønderborg

skolebordet med overalt


“You can use it where ever you are”

skolebordet hurtig deling


“It's cool that several students can write in the same document at the same time.”

Skolebordet hurtig deling


“Instead of sending, you can share very quickly”

Skolebordet word online


“Even if you don't have Word, you can use Word Online.”

Skolebordet fylder ikke pc'en med software


“Your computer isn't flooded with all sorts of things”

Skolebordet tilgængeligt  overalt


“Everything is there, and everyone can get it.”

What do the teachers say?



“The School of the future is the name of the initiative in Sønderborg Kommune with focus on quality in relation to schools. Within the IT field this means more IT with a wide effort within schooling and development of competences for staff and strong, solid platforms for our pupils.

That is why we chose the Schoolboard. As a didactic tool it helps and supports this process with digital workflows and collaboration.
Birgitte Nielsen, consultant for IT & Media in Sønderborg Kommune

Kolding kommune educates 450 media patrols

Kolding kommune

How 450 digital media patrols are introducing the Schoolboard in Kolding kommune
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What is Microsoft saying?

Office 365

Office 365: Thousands of studens are using Schoolboard in August.
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